My chocolaty and fruity heart for you

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A heart for your ValentineI haven’t participated on any cook event for quite a time, but Valentine’s day is a perfect opportunity to participate on such events again.
Now I have enough time at last for cooking and baking and on the other hand, my mother in law had her birthday last weekend, and what would have been better than a cake which comes from all my heart?

In any case, the cake had to be chocolaty with some fruits alongside it, add a cream and the whole thing would be perfect. Though I couldn’t find a recipe which satisfied me, I had to create one on my own. In the end, it became so good, that I „have to“ make it for my granny again ­čśë

Chocoholic Cake with Mango and PomegranateDuring shopping for the ingredients I stumbled over some wee chocolate-hearts, perfect! So I sophisticated the heart shaped cake with some of the cute smaller hearts.

I can really recommend this cake for Valentine’s day.

Sweet sunday,

yours, schaukelpferd

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Title: Chocoholic Cake With Mango And Pomegranate
Categories: Chocolate, Cake
Yield: 1 Cake

Chocoholic Cake with Mango and Pomegranate 2


300 grams   Dark chocolate
250 grams   Butter
4 tablesp.   Sugar
5     Eggs
1 pinch   Salt
1 tablesp.   Vanilla sugar
100 grams   Flour
40 ml   Rum
250 grams   Mascarpone
2 tablesp.   Sour cream
1 tablesp.   Rum
1 tablesp.   Vanilla sugar
2 tablesp.   Sugar
1     Mango, split in slices
200 grams   Rasberrys
1/2     Pomegranate, the stones only


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  Nicole McKenzie


Melt the chocolate alongside the butter over steam.

Seperate the Eggs, stir yolk with sugar, vanilla sugar and rum foamy. Stir the egg white with a dash of salt snowy.

Add the flour to the yolk mass, then add the chocolate mass. After that, add the egg snow cautious to the mass.

Add the whole mass to a greased and flour dusted spring form and bake it at 225°C for 20min. The cake should have a soft core.

Give it time to chill out.

Stir all ingredients for the mascarpone cream well, lay it on top of the cake and decorate it with the fruits.


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  1. Yummy, sieht das lecker aus!!!

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