Meme: 5 things about me

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Ulrike from Küchenlatein give me this meme.

Ok, there are 5 (boring) things about me, ulrike wanted to have it 😉

  1. In previous times I wanted to be a confectioner, but now I walk other ways.
  2. When I cook or bake, I will clean the kitchen before, even if the kitchen had already been cleaned a few hours before (I have a spleen).
  3. The next batch I can copy from Ulrike all but equal:
    I’m fond of British people (especially of the Scottish people) and food: Gary Rhodes, Nigella Lawson, porridge, muffins, shortbread, scones, crumpets, clotted cream, dundee cake, haggis, etc.
  4. At the moment I´m very fond of Whisky (without “e”), especially Single Malt Scotch Whisky. And I´m very sure that at autumn, when we fly to scotland, one ore two bottles go with us back to austria.
  5. I like curd cheese, I´m even barmy to curd cheese (above all to curd cheese-ice cream) – but until two years ago, I had ever hated curd cheese.

Everyone who wants to do this meme is invited to join in the fun!

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